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"Charles White is one of the great voices among those
Black Americans who during the past 30 years have been the real interpreters of the American Negro. In this connection, his one-man exhibitions have always been for me unforgettable events, providing
the highest opportunity for enlightenment though the revelation of
powerful truths couched in a beautifully nuanced graphic poetry that unfailingly hits the mark. Indeed, his art belongs not to one people,
but to all the world. It is demonstrated that he has forged for himself
an artistic language which transcends the boundaries set to art by a
trivial subject matter or the short-lived vogue of social or
political propaganda."

-James A. Porter, head of Department of Fine Arts and director of
Howard University art gallery, 1967

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self portrait Landscape Working Man
John Brown
(study) The Drinker No Crops
Native Son Trenton Six Lovers
Mother and
Child Preacher Inherit the
Harvest Talk General Moses I've Been Buked
Folk Singer Eartha Kitt Sammy
Clairinetist Trumpet Player C'est Amour
Skipping Guitarist Southern News
Birmingham General Moses J'Accuse
Canaan Heratige The Wall
The Wall Wanted Poster Wanted Poster
Patience Y Harriet Mississippi
Black Pope Willy J Cat's

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