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This page is your source for Museums and Galleries that include the artist in their

American Federation of the Arts, New York, NY

National Academy of Design, New York, NY

The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AR

Selma Burke Art Center, Carnagie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA

Community Arts Center, Chicago, IL

Walter O. Evans Collection of African American Art

Deutche Academie de Kunst, Berlin, Germany

The Government of Ghana, Ghana, Africa

Grunwald Graphic Art, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Hampton Institute, Hampton, VA

High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA

Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC

Intergrafik, Berlin, Germany

Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL

Library of Congress, Washington, DC

Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts,Montgomery, AL

Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

National Academy of Design, Washington, DC

National Endowment for the Arts, Edith G. and Philip A. Rhodes

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Oakland Art Museum, Oakland, CA

Pasadena Museum of Art, Pasadena, CA

Pioneer Museum, Stockton, CA

Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library, New York, NY

The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

Taller de Graffica, Mexico City, Mex

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY

Wichita Museum of Art, Wichita, Ks

University Galleries:

Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA

Bakersfield College, Bakersfield, CA

California State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

College of the City of New York, New York, NY

Central State University, OH

Dayton Ohio board of Education, Dayton, OH

Fisk University, Nashville, TN

Flint Community Schools, Flint, MI

Flint Institute for the Arts, Flint, MI

Howard University Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL

University of California, Berkeley, CA

University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Utah State University, Logan, UT

Private Collections:

Ambassador Timothee Ahoua, Ivory Coast, Africa

American Telegraph and Telephone Company, New York, NY

Joseph Brooks, Director, Commission on Civil Rights, Seattle, WA

Donald Byrd, Loa Angeles, CA

Estate of Nat King Cole, Los Angeles, CA

Estate of Mayor Tom Bradley, Los Angels, CA

William Cosby, Jr.

Ivan and Burlie Dixon, Maui, HI

Nikki Giovanni

Russell Goings

Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company, Los Angeles, CA

Illinois Bell Telephone Company, Chicago, Ill

Estate of Lorraine Hansberry, New York, NY

Mayor Maynard Jackson, Atlanta, GA

Johnson Publications, Chicago, Ill.

Gordon Parks, New York, NY

Peyton Law Firm

International Business Machines Corporation, New York, NY

Drs. Edmund and Susan Gordon, Pamona, NY

Dr. Richard Simms, Los Angeles, CA

Leslie and Ann Shaw, Los Angeles, CA

Philip and Suzanne Schiller

George Slaff, Los Angeles, CA

Frank Thomas

Estate of Dalton Trumbo, Los Angeles, CA

George and Joyce Wein

Chief Justice Donald Wright, Sacramento, CA


The Charles White Gallery Of Art at the Cejjes Institute

ACA Galleries, New York, NY

Barnett-Aden Gallery, Washington D.C.

Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, New York, NY

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